Mastering the CBSE Class 12 Math Syllabus 2024

As students enter Class 12, mastering the CBSE Math syllabus becomes crucial for success in various competitive exams and future academic pursuits. The CBSE continually updates its curriculum to align with evolving educational standards. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the CBSE Class 12 Math syllabus for 2024, providing detailed insights and answering frequently asked questions to aid students in their preparation.

Exploring the CBSE Class 12 Math Syllabus:

The CBSE Class 12 Math syllabus is designed to deepen students’ understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications. Here’s a breakdown of the key topics covered:

  1. Relations and Functions: Students study types of relations, functions, composite functions, and inverse trigonometric functions.
  2. Algebra: This section includes matrices, determinants, and their properties, along with the concept of inverse of a matrix.
  3. Calculus: Topics cover continuity and differentiability, derivatives, applications of derivatives, integrals, and applications of integrals.
  4. Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry: Students explore vector algebra, scalar and vector products, and three-dimensional geometry, including direction cosines and direction ratios.
  5. Linear Programming: This section introduces the concept of linear programming problems and their solutions using graphical methods.
  6. Probability: Topics include conditional probability, multiplication theorem on probability, independent events, and Bayes’ theorem.
  7. Differential Equations: Students learn about differential equations and their solutions, including methods of solving first-order and first-degree differential equations.


Q1. How should I approach studying math in Class 12?

A1. Build a strong foundation by thoroughly understanding basic concepts before moving on to more complex topics. Practice solving a variety of problems to develop problem-solving skills and familiarity with different types of questions.

Q2. Are there any recommended study resources for Class 12 Math?

A2. Yes, NCERT textbooks are essential as they cover the entire syllabus in detail and are aligned with CBSE guidelines. Additionally, students can refer to supplementary books like R.D. Sharma for additional practice and clarification of concepts.

Q3. How can I improve my problem-solving skills in math?

A3. Practice is key to improving problem-solving skills. Solve a variety of problems from different sources, analyze your mistakes, and understand the underlying concepts behind each problem.

Q4. How can I stay updated with any changes or updates to the CBSE Class 12 Math syllabus?

A4. Stay connected with reliable educational websites, CBSE’s official announcements, and your school’s academic department for any updates or changes to the syllabus.


Mastering the CBSE Class 12 Math syllabus requires dedication, consistent effort, and a clear understanding of mathematical concepts. By following this comprehensive guide and utilizing recommended study resources, students can navigate through the syllabus confidently and excel in their academic endeavors. Remember, success in math is not just about memorization, but about understanding and applying concepts effectively.