Unveiling the Top 5 Animation Studios in Kolkata: Explainer Video Company

Animation has become an integral part of the entertainment and advertising industries. It offers a unique and captivating way to engage audiences, convey messages, and bring ideas to life. Kolkata, known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic talents, is home to several top-notch animation studios. In this article, we will explore the top 5 animation studios in Kolkata that have made a mark in the industry with their exceptional work and creativity in the Domain of Explainer Video & Whiteboard Company in Kolkata.


With a proven track record of excellence, DUTTA INNOVATIONS Animation Studio has carved a niche for itself in the animation industry. They specialize in creating stunning explainer videos that effectively communicate complex ideas in a visually engaging manner. From concept development to animation and post-production, DUTTA INNOVATIONS Animation Studio offers end-to-end solutions that cater to various industries such as education, technology, healthcare, and more. Their team of talented artists and animators ensures that each project is executed with precision and creativity, making them a trusted explainer video company in Kolkata.

Quote: “Where imagination meets animation, DUTTA INOVATIONS Animation Studio brings your ideas to life.”


COMPANY ANIMATION is a prominent animation company in Kolkata, known for its exceptional storytelling and artistic brilliance. They excel in creating both 2D and 3D animations that leave a lasting impact on viewers. Whether it’s animated films, television series, or commercials, COMPANY ANIMATION Studio has the expertise to deliver high-quality animation that captures the essence of the narrative. Their commitment to innovation and attention to detail make them a top choice for clients seeking remarkable animation services.

Quote: “Unleash the power of animation with COMPANY ANIMATION.”

  1. Arena Animation Studio:

Arena Animation Studio is a pioneer in the field of animation and VFX in Kolkata. With a strong focus on creativity and technical expertise, they have successfully completed numerous projects for clients across various industries. Their team of skilled animators and visual effects artists creates visually stunning and realistic animations that leave audiences mesmerized. Arena Animation Studio is renowned for its dedication to client satisfaction and their ability to bring imagination to life.

Quote: “Where reality meets imagination, Arena Animation Studio creates magic.”

  1. Wackytoon:

Wackytoon stands out for its specialization in character animation and motion graphics. They have a reputation for delivering visually appealing and emotionally engaging animated content. Whether it’s character-driven storytelling or eye-catching motion graphics for branding purposes, Wackytoon Animation Studio excels in creating animations that connect with the audience on a deeper level. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a sought-after animation studio in Kolkata.

Quote: “Bringing characters to life, one frame at a time – Wackytoon.”

  1. Animation Studio:

Animation Studio is known for its versatility and expertise in various animation styles, including traditional 2D animation, stop motion, and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Their team of talented animators and technicians works collaboratively to create visually stunning and captivating animations. Animation Studio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling has earned them a reputation as one of the top animation studios in Kolkata.

Quote: “Where innovation meets imagination, Animation Studio tells stories like no other.”


These top 5 animation studios in Kolkata have made significant contributions to the animation industry through their exceptional creativity, technical prowess, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. Whether you’re looking for explainer videos, character animations, motion graphics, or VFX, these studios offer a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs. Embrace the power of animation and collaborate with these talented studios to bring your ideas to life in the most visually compelling way possible.

Remember, when it comes to animation, these studios are at the forefront, helping you captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

“Animating the world, one frame at a time.”